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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Ishii Premium Jet Turbo Tile Cutters

SKU AH-870S2
by Ishii
Original price $401.69 - Original price $526.61
Original price
$401.69 - $526.61
Current price $401.69
Model/Size: AH-8702S2A (34 1/4")

Experience Cutting Excellence with Red Turbo Jet Cutters

Elevate your tile cutting capabilities with the Ishii Red Turbo Jet Tile Cutters, expertly designed for precision and ease in handling large format and mosaic tiles.

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  • High Leverage Design: Features a spring-loaded base and a low curved handle, providing an 8:1 leverage ratio for deep, effortless scoring.
  • Cut Larger Tiles: Specially designed to handle tiles up to 48-3/4 inches with the AH-1240S model.
  • Adjustable Bearing: Single bar with an adjustable bearing to maintain precision as the tool ages.
  • Versatile Blade Height: Adjustable blade for accurate scoring on tiles up to 3/4 inches thick.
  • Mosaic Tile Compatibility: Ideal for cutting sheet-mounted mosaic tiles by scoring and individual snapping.
  • Side Arm Extensions: Includes two extensions for supporting larger tiles.
  • Efficient Snapping: Equipped with a large 3-1/2" breaker foot and a spring-loaded cutting table.
  • Titanium-Coated Scoring Wheel: Comes with a 7/8" titanium-coated, ball-bearing scoring wheel.
  • Stable Cutting Base: Wide, die-cast aluminum alloy base with heavy-duty rubber pads.

  • Ishii Red Turbo Jet Specifications
    Model AH-870S2A AH-1040S2 AH-1240S2
    Rip Cut 34-1/4" 41" 48-3/4"
    Diagonal Tile 24-1/4" 29 34-1/2"
    Weight 28lb 35lb 44lb
    More Details

    The Ishii Red Turbo Jet Tile Cutters represent a significant advancement in tile cutting technology, perfect for professionals working with large format tiles and intricate mosaic designs. These cutters feature a spring-loaded base coupled with a low curved handle, providing an exceptional 8:1 leverage ratio. This design ensures deep scores with minimal effort, facilitating clean and concise cuts. Designed to accommodate large tiles, the AH-1240S model can handle sizes up to 48-3/4 inches in length. A key feature of the Red Turbo Jet Cutters is the single bar with an adjustable bearing, which allows for precision maintenance as the cutter ages. The adjustable blade height adds to its versatility, making it suitable for tiles up to 3/4 inches thick. These cutters excel in handling mosaic tiles, allowing for efficient scoring and individual snapping of sheet-mounted tiles. Each cutter is also equipped with two side arm extensions for added support while working with larger tiles. The large 3-1/2" breaker foot, along with a spring-loaded cutting table, ensures easy snapping of tiles. The 7/8" titanium-coated, ball-bearing scoring wheel is an exemplary feature, providing durability and precision in every cut. The cutter's wide, die-cast aluminum alloy base, reinforced with heavy-duty rubber pads, ensures stable and secure cutting. Ishii's Red Turbo Jet Tile Cutters are more than just tools; they are a testament to innovative design and engineering, offering professionals in the tile industry a reliable, precise, and efficient solution for their cutting needs.

    What's Included

    • ISHII Premium Jet Tile Cutter
    • ISHII 7/8" Titanium Scoring Wheel
    Prop 65

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