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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Mark E. Industries® Kirb Perfect™

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Effortless Shower Curb Construction with Mark E. Industries Handi Kirb™

Unlock the potential of flawless shower curb construction with the Handi Kirb™ Shower Kit from Mark E. Industries, designed for seamless integration with any shower size and style.


  • Versatile Use: Compatible with or without a 2 x 4 wood curb for any shower.
  • Built-In Pitch: Ensures proper water drainage into the shower.
  • Liner Integrity: Preserves the waterproof integrity of the shower liner.
  • Easy Customization: Can be easily cut with a hacksaw, PVC cutters, or grinder.
  • Durable Material: Made from economical, lightweight, non-rotting plastic.
  • Solid Backing: Provides a sturdy cement backing for tiles.
  • Simple Mud Application: Allows for easy addition of lightweight mud on both sides.
  • Quick Pitch System Compatibility: Enhances efficiency when used with the Quick Pitch System.
More Details

The Mark E. Industries® Handi Kirb™ Shower Kit represents a breakthrough in shower curb construction, offering unparalleled precision and adaptability for both professional and DIY installations. This innovative kit is designed to work perfectly with or without a 2x4 wood curb, making it a versatile solution for any shower size. One of its key features is the built-in pitch, which guarantees proper water drainage into the shower, essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing water damage. Additionally, its design focuses on preserving the integrity of the shower liner, ensuring a watertight installation. The Handi Kirb™ is also user-friendly; it can be easily tailored to specific needs using common tools like a hacksaw, PVC cutters, or a grinder. Made from economical, lightweight, and non-rotting plastic, this kit not only offers durability but also simplifies the construction process. It provides a reliable cement backing for various tile types, including ceramic, porcelain, or stone, enhancing the shower's aesthetic appeal. The kit's simplicity extends to mud application, allowing easy addition of lightweight mud to both sides of the pan material. When used in conjunction with the Quick Pitch System, the Handi Kirb™ Shower Kit significantly boosts efficiency, making it an ideal choice for creating perfect shower curbs every time.

What's Included

  • 2 side panels - 5-1/2" H x 30" L
  • 1 top panel - 4-1/2" W 2"x 30" L
  • Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Screws
  • Illustrated Installation Instructions

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