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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Montolit P3 Masterpiuma 505 7mm Handle

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Precision Meets Durability: Masterpiuma Evolution 3 7mm Push Handle

Upgrade your tile cutting experience with the Masterpiuma Evolution 3. 7mm Push Handle Complete, featuring advanced tensioner technology and wheel lubrication, designed to enhance the performance and precision of your ceramic tile cutting.


  • Enhanced Tension Control: Built-in tensioner on the handle for consistent tightness.
  • Efficient Wheel Lubrication: Ensures smooth operation and longevity of the scoring wheel.
  • Robust Construction: Cast aluminum push handle with a dual breaker, suitable for all types of ceramic tiles.
  • 7mm Rail Width: Ideal replacement handle for tile cutters.
  • Titanium Scoring Wheel Included: For precise and clean scoring on tiles.
  • Tile Cutter Compatibility: Fits 24" and smaller models including Raimondi, Montolit Masterpiuma, and QEP Porcelain King Push Cutters.
  • Model Compatibility: Specifically designed for Masterpiuma P Evolution 2 (models 44P2, 52P2, 63P2) and Masterpiuma Evolution 3 (models 44P3, 52P3, 63P3).

Tile Cutter Compatibility 

  • Fits models 24" and smaller
  • Raimondi Push Cutters
  • Montolit Masterpiuma Push Cutters
  • QEP Porcelain King Push Cutters
  • Masterpiuma P Evolution 2 - model 44P2, Art. 52P2, Art. 63P2
  • Masterpiuma Evolution 3 - model 44P3, Art. 52P3, Art. 63P3
  • More Details

    The Masterpiuma Evolution3. 7mm Push Handle Complete is an essential tool for professionals looking to enhance their tile cutting capabilities. This handle, crafted with a focus on precision and durability, is an excellent upgrade or replacement for various tile cutter models. It features a specialized tensioner on the handle, ensuring it remains tight and stable during use, which is crucial for accurate and consistent tile cutting. The push handle is made from high-quality cast aluminum and includes a dual breaker system, making it versatile enough to handle all types of ceramic tiles with ease.

    A key feature of this handle is the efficient wheel lubrication system, which not only facilitates smoother operation but also extends the life of the titanium scoring wheel included with the handle. This scoring wheel is a testament to the handle’s precision, allowing for clean and precise scores on tiles, enhancing the quality of the cuts. The 7mm rail width of the handle makes it a suitable replacement for several tile cutter models, including the smaller 24" models, Raimondi Push Cutters, Montolit Masterpiuma Push Cutters, and QEP Porcelain King Push Cutters. Additionally, it is specifically compatible with Masterpiuma P Evolution 2 models (44P2, 52P2, 63P2) and Masterpiuma Evolution 3 models (44P3, 52P3, 63P3). This wide range of compatibility underscores the handle’s versatility and utility in professional settings.

    In summary, the Masterpiuma Evolution3. 7mm Push Handle Complete is more than just a component; it is a significant enhancement to your tile cutting setup, ensuring accuracy, ease of use, and longevity. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this handle is designed to elevate your tile cutting projects to new heights of excellence.


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