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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Montolit 4.5" Fleximont Universal Diamond Grinding Wheel

Original price $81.28 - Original price $84.45
Original price
$81.28 - $84.45
Current price $84.45
Style: Coarse

Redefining Tile Shaping: The Montolit Fleximont Grinding Wheel

Transform the way you shape and finish tiles with the Montolit 4.5" Fleximont Universal Diamond Grinding Wheel, a versatile tool designed for unparalleled precision in porcelain and glass tile applications.


  • Versatile Tile Applications: Ideal for beveling, bull-nosing, and diverse shaping tasks.
  • Customizable Grit Options: Available in 60 grit (Coarse), 120 grit (Medium), and 200 grit (Fine) for tailored finishing.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed for exceptional performance with both porcelain and glass tiles.
  • Unmatched Precision: Delivers a consistently smooth and accurate finish.
  • Montolit's Excellence: Part of the renowned brand's high-quality product lineup.
  • Long-lasting and Efficient: Infused with diamond particles for durability and peak grinding performance.
More Details

The Montolit 4.5" Fleximont Universal Diamond Grinding Wheel is an innovative tool that elevates tile shaping and finishing to new heights. Designed with versatility in mind, this grinding wheel is adept at handling a variety of tasks, including beveling, bull-nosing, and shaping a range of tile types. Its adaptability is further enhanced with customizable grit options, allowing professionals to choose from coarse, medium, or fine grits, depending on the specific requirements of their project. This feature ensures that each stage of the shaping process is handled with precision and care. The Fleximont is not just versatile but also universally usable, being equally effective with porcelain and glass tiles, a testament to its advanced engineering. Users can expect a smooth, exact finish every time, a hallmark of Montolit's commitment to excellence. The reputation of the Montolit brand is well represented in this product, known for its quality and performance. The diamond-infused construction of the grinding wheel guarantees not only a superior finish but also long-lasting durability and efficiency, making it a valuable investment for any tiling professional. Whether tackling a complex beveling job or executing fine shaping work, the Montolit 4.5" Fleximont Diamond Grinding Wheel stands as an essential tool, ready to meet the high standards and diverse needs of today's tile setters.


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  • I have 35"-square porcelain veneer tiles made by Fioranese -- 3/8" thick, with rectified edges around their perimeters. I will be cutting these to fit a stairwell (covering the treads and risers with the porceline tiles). I want the cut edges to cleanly match the factory rectified perimiter edges. Does your saw have this levrl of clean cutting ability [no substantively detectable micro-chipping]?

    We do not recommend using this product for your application - you would be better suited using a continuous rim blade like the T3 Xtreme