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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Montolit Minimontolit 26A2 14" Tile Cutter

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MiniMontolit Evolution 2: The Precision Tool for Mosaic Tile Cutting

Elevate your mosaic tile work with the MiniMontolit Evolution 2, a meticulously designed manual cutter that brings unparalleled precision and versatility to every cut, redefining the craft of mosaic tile cutting.


  • Precision Mosaic Cutting: Adjustable angles from 0 to 60 degrees for perfect cuts.
  • Versatile for Various Thicknesses: Cuts tiles ranging from 0 to 20mm in thickness.
  • Durable Construction: Die-cast special aluminum alloy for long-lasting use.
  • Tile Protection: Non-scratch material to safeguard delicate and light-colored tiles.
  • Robust Cutting Edge: Hardened steel counter-knife for reliability.
  • Stable Operation: Non-slip support feet ensure steadiness during cutting.
  • Cutting Depth: Capable of cutting up to 1/2" (1.5cm) depth.
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The MiniMontolit Evolution 2 stands as a testament to the fusion of precision engineering and innovative design in the realm of mosaic tile cutting. This manual cutter is specially crafted for mosaic tiles, offering an unmatched level of precision and versatility. Its ability to adjust cutting angles from 0 to 60 degrees allows for a wide range of cuts, catering to various design needs and artistic visions. The cutter is uniquely designed to handle tiles of different thicknesses, ranging from 0 to 20mm, making it a versatile tool for various mosaic projects. Constructed from a die-cast special aluminum alloy, the MiniMontolit Evolution 2 guarantees durability and resilience, even under frequent use. The tool also features non-scratch material, ensuring that delicate and light-colored tile surfaces are protected during the cutting process. Its hardened steel counter-knife is a mark of robustness and reliability, essential qualities for professional tile cutters. Furthermore, the non-slip support feet provide stability and safety, ensuring precise cuts without any movement or sliding. With a cutting depth of up to 1/2" (1.5cm), this manual cutter is not just a tool but an extension of the artisan's skill, enabling them to achieve perfection in their mosaic creations. Whether for intricate artistic work or detailed tiling projects, the MiniMontolit Evolution 2 is more than just an investment in a tool; it's an investment in the art of mosaic tile cutting.

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