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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Montolit TUTORCUT125-U16

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Elevate Your Grinder's Cutting Precision with Montolit 3-3/8" Tutorcut Universal Guide

Transform your grinder into a precision cutting tool with the Montolit TutorCut115-16 Grinder Blade Guide. Designed for use with 4-1/2" blades, this revolutionary accessory ensures flawless, linear cuts every time, making it an essential addition to any tile contractor or DIY enthusiast's toolkit. Say goodbye to chipping, uneven blade wear, and inaccurate cuts – the TutorCut115-16 is here to elevate your cutting game.

Montolit TUTORCUT125-U16 Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with any angle grinder for maximum versatility
  • Precise Linearity: Maintains the blade on the same line as the tile for perfectly straight cuts
  • Chip-Free Cutting: Reduces chipping and ensures clean, professional-looking results
  • Extends Blade Life: Eliminates tension, uneven wear, and rim-breaking due to incorrect technique
  • Non-Marking Support: Heavy-duty technical polyamide wheel won't mark or tinge delicate tile surfaces
  • Smooth Operation: Sealed, dust-proof ball bearing ensures smooth, effortless rotation
  • Easy to Use: Simple attachment to the grinder's axle for a secure, stable setup
  • Standard Size: 3-3/8" (85 mm) with a 5/8" arbor, compatible with 4" & 4.5" diamond blades
  • Maximum Thickness: Capable of cutting tiles up to 20mm thick for versatile applications
  • Innovative Design: A testament to Montolit's tradition of creating simple, yet groundbreaking tools
More Details

The Montolit TutorCut125-U16 3-3/8" Tutorcut Universal Cutting Guide is a game-changer for tile contractors and DIY enthusiasts seeking to achieve perfect, professional-grade cuts using their angle grinder. This innovative tool is designed to assist users in executing accurate, straight cuts without the need for a steady hand or guesswork. By keeping the blade aligned with the tile, the Tutorcut ensures precise linearity and reduces chipping, resulting in clean, flawless cuts every time.
One of the standout features of the Montolit Tutorcut is its universal compatibility, allowing it to be used with any angle grinder. The heavy-duty technical polyamide support wheel, which is completely detached from the grinder's rotation, spins smoothly on a sealed, dust-proof ball bearing, ensuring effortless operation without marking or tinging even the most delicate tile surfaces. The Tutorcut not only improves cutting precision but also extends the life of your diamond blade by eliminating tension, uneven consumption, and rim-breaking caused by incorrect cutting techniques. With a standard size of 3-3/8" (85 mm) and a 5/8" arbor, this cutting guide is compatible with 4" and 4.5" diamond blades, making it a versatile addition to your tool arsenal.


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