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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Russo Trading Company "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket

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Speed Up Your Grout Cleaning: The Russo Trading Company 'Rockin Roller' Solution

Transform your grout cleaning process with the Russo Trading Company "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket, a game-changing tool designed to accelerate cleaning efficiency, reduce water usage, and keep your hands dry.


  • Increased Efficiency: Cleans grout up to 50% faster than traditional hand sponges.
  • Comfortable Use: Keeps hands dry and free from cold water discomfort.
  • Innovative Design: Unique ribbed rollers for effective water extraction.
  • Reduced Spillage: Pitched rollers designed to keep water contained in the bucket.
  • Water Conservation: Uses 1/3 less water, enhancing environmental responsibility.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for various sponge sizes and styles.
  • Large Capacity: Offers a generous 4-gallon (15-liter) capacity for prolonged use.
  • More Details

    The Russo Trading Company "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket is not just a grout cleaning tool; it's a revolutionary advancement in the efficiency and ease of tile maintenance. This innovative bucket system is specifically designed to clean grout from tiled surfaces up to 50% faster than traditional hand sponges, significantly cutting down on labor time and effort. One of the key features of the "Rockin Roller" is its ability to keep your hands dry and away from cold water, a common discomfort in standard grout cleaning methods. This feature not only increases comfort but also enhances productivity. The bucket is equipped with unique ribbed rollers that ensure maximum water extraction from the sponge, thereby increasing the effectiveness of each pass. Additionally, the strategically pitched rollers are crafted to retain water within the bucket, minimizing spills and mess. An added benefit of the "Rockin Roller" is its environmental friendliness; it uses one-third less water than traditional methods, promoting water conservation on the job site. The wash bucket's compatibility with various sponge sizes and styles adds to its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of grout cleaning tasks. With a substantial 4-gallon (15-liter) capacity, it allows for extended cleaning sessions without the need for frequent refills. The RTC "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket is an essential tool for anyone seeking to optimize their grout cleaning process, offering professional-quality results with less effort and time.

    What's Included

    • “Rockin Roller” Grout Bucket
    • Grate
    • 3 Ribbed Rollers
    • Yellow sponge w/ handle

    Russo Trading Company is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality tiling tools. They are a renowned company in the tile and stone installation industry, widely recognized for its commitment to quality. They have built their reputation on providing the finest tools for tile and stone installation. This dedication is evident in their rigorous testing process, which ensures that each product receives the RTC "Shield of Approval" before being offered to their customers.

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