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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Rubi Tools DCX-250 Xpert Rail Tile Saws

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by Rubi
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$2,629.99 - $2,999.00
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RUBI DCX-250 Xpert: Precision, Stability, and Safety for Tile Contractors and Home Remodelers

Introducing the RUBI DCX-250 Xpert range of professional cutters, designed to meet the demanding needs of tile contractors and home remodelers. These cutting-edge tools are built for intensive cutting of porcelain stoneware tiles (BIA) and various types of ceramic tiles (BIIa / BIIb / BIII / AIB), while also allowing occasional cutting of natural stone pieces. With its highly reinforced aluminum chassis, innovative triple beam system, and steel fronts, the DCX-250 Xpert ensures unparalleled stability and rigidity, enabling you to achieve precise, professional-grade cuts every time.

Rubi DCX-250 Xpert Rail Saw Features

  • Versatile Cutting Capabilities: Ideal for intensive cutting of porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles, with occasional natural stone cutting
  • Reinforced Aluminum Chassis: Features an innovative triple beam system and steel fronts for superior stability and rigidity
  • Precise Moving Head: Moves through a reinforced aluminum guide for a better and more accurate cut finish
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: Incorporates a high-performance chopping effect, allowing you to adjust the cutting height to your needs
  • C3 Python Cooling System: Adjustable water application point ensures efficient cooling and increases diamond blade performance
  • Double Steel Decanter: Enables more efficient recovery of used water, directed towards an external 7.9-gallon water tank
  • Reinforced Handles and Wheels: Off-road type wheels and reinforced handles provide a better experience in transporting and handling the cutters
  • Folding System with Quick Locking: Includes a safety device that prevents involuntary folding during work or jobsite movements
  • Cutting Table Leveling Regulator: Assists in correctly leveling the cutting table for precise cuts
  • ZERO DUST System: Patented and TNO-certified, it allows safe exposure to minimal debris from ceramic materials and natural stones

Rubi DCX-250 Xpert Rail Saw Specifications
Specification 52962 52972
Power (Direct Drive) 2 hp (1.5 kW) 2 hp (1.5 kW)
Voltage 120V/60Hz 120V/60Hz
Blade RPM 2750 – 3350 2750 – 3350
Length of Cut 49” (direct, w/o plunge)
52" (w/ plunge)
61” (direct, w/o plunge)
64" (w/ plunge)
Diagonal Cut 35” x 35” 43.3” x 43.3”
Max Cut Thickness 2.36” – 3.54”
1.96" for miter
2.36” – 3.54”
1.96” for miter
Blade Capacity 10" 10"
Arbor 1" 1"
Weight 172 lbs (78 Kg) 189.5 lbs (86 Kg)
Dimensions (mounted) (L)75.5”
More Details

The RUBI DCX-250 Xpert professional cutter is a game-changer for tile contractors and home remodelers who demand the highest level of precision, stability, and safety in their tile cutting projects. With its reinforced aluminum chassis, innovative triple beam system, and steel fronts, this cutter provides unmatched rigidity and stability, ensuring accurate cuts every time. The moving head, guided by a reinforced aluminum track, delivers a superior cut finish, while the adjustable cutting height allows you to tailor the tool to your specific needs.
The DCX-250 Xpert's C3 Python cooling system is a standout feature, optimizing water application according to the material thickness and directing it precisely to the cut point. This efficient cooling enhances diamond blade performance and longevity. The double steel decanter and external 7.9-gallon water tank make water management a breeze, while the reinforced handles and off-road-type wheels provide easy transportation and handling on any job site. With the quick locking folding system and cutting table leveling regulator, you can set up and start cutting with precision in no time. Plus, the patented ZERO DUST system, certified by TNO, ensures safe exposure to minimal debris, allowing you to work confidently in enclosed spaces. Whether you're a professional tile contractor or a dedicated home remodeler, the RUBI DCX-250 Xpert is your ultimate ally in achieving flawless, efficient tile cutting results.

What's Included
  • DCX-Xpert Wet Saw
  • 31961 Red Cobra 10" Blade
  • Power cable
  • Foldable reinforced feet with an anti-fold system and quick lock
  • Upgraded anti-splash protection system with auto slide protection cover
  • External 30L water tank
  • Aluminum Square
  • Telescopic transport handle
  • Reinforced off-road type wheels
  • Operators Manual

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