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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Rubi TZ Tile Cutters

by Rubi
Original price $875.10 - Original price $1,695.00
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$875.10 - $1,695.00
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Rubi TZ Tile Cutters: Precision, Power, and Portability Combined

Revolutionize your large-format tile installations with the powerful Rubi TZ cutters. This innovative manual cutting range delivers a game-changing 3,306 lbs of maximum force, allowing effortless one-handed operation through the patented breaker mechanism. Combined with the smooth, precise scoring capabilities and robust extruded aluminum construction, the TZ cutters provide unmatched cutting performance for the professional tile installer. Experience the future of manual tile cutting - invest in Rubi's TZ range today.

Rubi TZ Tile Cutters Features

  • Unrivaled Power: 3,306 lbs of maximum cutting power for effortless large-format tile installations.
  • Patented Breaker Mechanism: One-handed operation for enhanced convenience and productivity.
  • Smooth and Accurate Scoring: Patented head guidance system ensures precise scoring, even under high pressure.
  • Large Cutting Capacity: Compatible with formats up to 61" straight cut or 43"x43" diagonal cut.
  • Thick Material Compatibility: Adjustable to cut tiles up to 53/64" thick (3/4" for miter cuts).
  • Precision Cuts: Swivel square with removable ends and locking system for accurate angular cuts.
  • Repetitive Cut Efficiency: Patented 12" lateral stop for consistent, repetitive cuts on large pieces.
  • Portability Features: Folding tables, wheels, and carrying handles for easy job site mobility.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Compatible with Rubi PLUS scoring wheels (includes 5/16" and 3/4" wheels).
  • Freight Shipping:TZ1550 & TZ1800 Require Freight Shipping - Click Here to learn more

Rubi TZ Tile Cutter Specifications
Model 850 1020 1300 1550 1800
Model 850 1020 1300 1550 1800
Length of Cut 33.5"/85cm 40"/1020cm 49.21"/1300cm 61.06"/1550cm 70.90"/1800cm
Diagonal Length of Cut 23.6"/60cm 35.43"/70cm 49.21"/90cm 61.06"/110cm 70.90"/119cm
Weight 49.4lbs 54.2lbs 66lbs 73lbs 79.94lbs
More Details

Experience unrivaled power and precision with Rubi's TZ tile cutters, the ultimate manual cutting solution for professionals. This innovative range redefines manual large format tile cutting with its exceptional 3,306 lbs of maximum cutting power and patented breaker mechanism that enables effortless one-handed operation. The patented head guidance system ensures smooth, accurate scoring even under high pressure. Compatible with formats up to 61" for straight cuts or 43"x43" diagonal cuts, the TZ cutters can handle thick tiles up to 53/64", adjusting performance for varying thicknesses (3/4" for miters).
The extruded aluminum guides and robust steel frame provide superior bending resistance, while the swivel square with removable ends allows precise angular cuts. The 12" lateral stop facilitates repetitive cuts on large pieces. Designed for job site mobility with folding tables, wheels and carry handles. Compatible with Rubi PLUS scoring wheels (includes 5/16" and 3/4"). Unlock professional-grade manual tile-cutting power with Rubi's innovative, high-performance TZ cutter range.
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What's Included

Rubi Tools is a global leader in tile cutting and installation solutions. Renowned for their high-quality tile cutters, including both manual tile cutters and electric tile saws, Rubi Tools offers innovative products designed to meet the needs of professional tile installers. Their extensive range of diamond blades ensures precise cuts for various materials, while their grout cleaning tools and ceramic tile tools facilitate seamless tile installations. Rubi provides specialized large-format tile tools and tile installation tools for large projects. Their tile mixing paddles and porcelain tile cutters are also essential for achieving top-notch results in tile work.

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