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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Sigma 14N Nex Cutter Scoring Wheels

by Sigma
Original price $26.95 - Original price $32.95
Original price
$26.95 - $32.95
Current price $26.95
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Sigma 14N Scoring Wheel: Precision Cuts for Series 4 Nex Cutter

Maximize the efficiency of your Serie 4 Nex Tile Cutter with the Sigma 14N Scoring Wheel, a high-quality accessory designed for precision and durability, ensuring clean and accurate tile cuts every time.


  • Precision Cutting: Ensures precise and clean cuts on tile materials.
  • Specific Design: Tailored for the Series 4 Nex Tile Cutter.
  • High-Quality Accessory: Manufactured by renowned brand Sigma.
  • Diameter: 16mm for effective and sharp cutting.
  • Two Options Available: Standard and Titanium Scoring Wheels for varied usage needs.
  • Longer Life: The titanium option offers extended durability for heavy use.
  • Cost-Effective: Titanium wheel saves time and money in the long run.

More Details

Introducing the Sigma 14N Scoring Wheel, the ideal replacement accessory for professionals using the Series 4 Nex Tile Cutter. This premium scoring wheel is a testament to Sigma's commitment to quality and precision in the tile-cutting industry. With a diameter of 16mm, the Sigma 14N Scoring Wheel is expertly designed to deliver precise and clean cuts, enhancing the functionality of your tile cutter. Whether you're working on residential or commercial tiling projects, this scoring wheel ensures consistent accuracy and a high-quality finish. Sigma offers two distinct options to cater to different usage needs: the standard scoring wheel for occasional or light use, and the Titanium Scoring Wheel for those requiring a more robust solution for frequent or heavy use. The Titanium Scoring Wheel, in particular, provides an extended lifespan, proving to be a cost-effective choice for professionals who value efficiency and durability. By choosing the Sigma 14N Scoring Wheel, you are not only restoring the capability of your Series 4 Nex Tile Cutter but also elevating your tile cutting to a higher standard of excellence.

What's Included

Sigma is a leading tile tool manufacturer, rooted in Italy’s renowned craftsmanship tradition. Specializing in high-quality tile cutters, tiling tools, and accessories, Sigma Italy equips professionals with cutting-edge products designed for precision and ease of use. Committed to innovation and quality, Sigma tools are essential for achieving flawless installations and beautiful finishes in any tiling project.

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