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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Sigma Series XL Tile Cutter Support Arms

by Sigma
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Sigma XL Series Replacement Tile Support Arms: OEM Quality for 12XL Cutters

Elevate the functionality of your Sigma 12XL Tile Cutter with the original Sigma Tile Cutters XL Series replacement Tile Support Arms, designed for seamless integration and optimal performance in professional tile cutting.


  • Original OEM Parts: Authentic Sigma replacement support arms for guaranteed quality.
  • Designed for Sigma 12XL: Perfectly fits the robust design of the Sigma 12XL Tile Cutter.
  • Enhanced Stability: Provides additional support for large porcelain panels and planks.
  • Durable Construction: Built to maintain the high standards of Sigma tile cutters.
  • Easy Installation: Simple to attach for immediate improvement in cutting support.
  • Professional Performance: Ensures precision and durability in every cut.
  • Ideal for Large Tile Projects: Tailored to handle the unique demands of large format tiles.
More Details

For professionals who rely on the Sigma 12XL Tile Cutter, the original Sigma Tile Cutters XL Series Replacement Tile Support Arms are essential for ensuring continued excellence in tile cutting. These OEM parts are specifically designed to be fully compatible with the Sigma 12XL, a tile cutter renowned for handling large porcelain panels and planks with unparalleled ease. The replacement support arms play a crucial role in maintaining the cutter's advanced scoring system and robust breaker mechanism, which are key to achieving precise and durable cuts. Made with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail as the Sigma 12XL itself, these support arms ensure that the smooth operation and precision scoring capabilities of the cutter are preserved. They provide the necessary stability for consistent parallel cuts and full-length breaking, crucial for professional-grade tile cutting. Easy to install, these replacement arms help keep your Sigma 12XL Tile Cutter functioning at its best, ensuring it remains a revolution in tile cutting technology. Whether you’re executing straight cuts or exploring the cutter's 45-degree cutting facility for angled cuts, these support arms are indispensable for maintaining the Sigma 12XL’s legacy of porcelain mastery and robust design.

What's Included

Support Arms Are Sold Individually


Sigma is a leading tile tool manufacturer, rooted in Italy’s renowned craftsmanship tradition. Specializing in high-quality tile cutters, tiling tools, and accessories, Sigma Italy equips professionals with cutting-edge products designed for precision and ease of use. Committed to innovation and quality, Sigma tools are essential for achieving flawless installations and beautiful finishes in any tiling project.

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