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Save 10% on all items on The RTC Family of Products - Promo Code April-24

Sigma Simple Bevel Mounting Kit 36C4

SKU 36C4
by Sigma
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Achieve Precision in Series Production with Sigma Fixing Kit

Elevate your tiling projects with the Sigma Bench Fixing Kit ART. 36C4, a versatile tool designed to enhance the functionality of your Simple Bevel Machine. Ideal for professionals aiming for perfection in series production, this kit simplifies the process of creating precise skirting boards, jolly edges, and bullnose finishes. Secure your machine firmly on any flat surface and achieve unparalleled consistency and quality in your tile finishing work.


  • Designed for Series Production: Tailored to facilitate efficient, repetitive production of small tile pieces.
  • Enhanced Stability: Ensures the Simple Bevel Machine is firmly clamped on a flat surface for precise work.
  • Tool-Free Setup: Easily attachable to the Sigma Workbench without requiring additional tools.
  • Versatile Tile Finishing: Supports a variety of finishes, including jolly edge, miter, and bullnose.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Allows for smooth, hassle-free movement of tiles across the machine.
  • Multiple Finishes: Capable of producing different types of finishes with successive passes.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to complement the Sigma Simple Bevel Machine.

More Details

The Sigma Bench Fixing Kit ART. 36C4 is a groundbreaking accessory that transforms the Sigma Simple Bevel Machine into an even more versatile and productive tool, especially suited for the high-volume production of skirting boards and other intricate tile pieces. This kit empowers professionals to secure their machine onto the Sigma Workbench or any stable surface, ensuring enhanced precision and safety during operation. Its innovative design facilitates the easy movement of tiles or stone across the machine, allowing for consistent, high-quality finishes and the ability to produce complex edge detailing such as bullnose profiles, jolly edges, and precise miter cuts. The convenience of tool-free setup and the ability to maintain the material in a static position while the machine does the work significantly increases efficiency and accuracy in tile finishing tasks.

Incorporating the Sigma Bench Fixing Kit into your workflow not only streamlines the process of creating uniform, aesthetically pleasing tile edges but also expands the range of possible finishes, enhancing the overall versatility of your tiling equipment. Whether you’re working on residential or commercial tiling projects, the Sigma Fixing Kit ensures that every piece is finished to the highest standards. The kit's design, focused on simplifying the task and reducing the physical strain on the operator, means more time can be spent focusing on the finer details of your work, resulting in flawless, repeatable results that are sure to impress both clients and colleagues alike.

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