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RTC "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket

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RTC "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket - Clean Grout Faster and Say Goodbye to Cold Water Blues!

The RTC "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket, the ultimate grout cleaning system designed for faster and more efficient cleaning. Say goodbye to the tedious task of cleaning grout with a hand sponge. This innovative solution cleans grout from tiled surfaces up to 50% faster, keeping your hands dry and free from cold water. With unique ribbed rollers and a 4-gallon (15-liter) capacity, achieve professional-quality results with less effort and in less time. Upgrade your grout cleaning experience with the RTC "Rockin Roller" Wash Bucket and make grout cleaning a breeze.


  • Cleans grout up to 50% faster than using a standard hand sponge
  • Keeps hands dry and free from the discomfort of cold water
  • Unique ribbed rollers for maximum water extraction
  • Pitched rollers to keep water in the bucket, reducing spills
  • Uses 1/3 less water on the job site, promoting water conservation
  • Compatible with various sponge sizes and styles for versatility
  • Generous 4-gallon (15-liter) capacity for extended cleaning sessions

  • What's In The Box

  • “Rockin Roller” Grout Bucket
  • Grate
  • 3 Ribbed Rollers
  • Yellow sponge w/ handle

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