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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

RPM Specializing in Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels Installation

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Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels (GPTP) Installation Tools - Expertise with

Welcome to, your premier destination for top-tier Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels (GPTP) installation tools. brings you the RTC RPM Thin Panel Handler Series, meticulously designed to meet the high standards of tile installation professionals.

RPM Basic: Begin Your Journey in GPTP Mastery

Tailored for GPTP: The RPM Basic Kit

Embark on your GPTP installation journey with the RPM Basic Kit. Specifically engineered for handling super large format porcelain tiles, this kit is your first step towards achieving GPTP installation excellence.

Efficiency and Simplicity Combined

Ideal for GPTP beginners, the RPM Basic Kit offers a straightforward, user-centric design, enabling precision and quality in your tile installations with ease.

RPM Supreme: Advanced Toolkit for Complex GPTP Projects

Designed for Versatility and Ergonomic Comfort

The RPM Supreme Kit is the tool of choice for installers tackling larger, more intricate GPTP projects. It provides enhanced adaptability and ergonomic support, elevating your installation skills.

  • Innovative Couplers and Handles for easy handling of large GPTP slabs.
  • Ergonomic Design to minimize fatigue and boost installation efficiency.
  • Stability-Enhancing Rubber Feet for secure GPTP positioning.

RPM Ultimate: The Pinnacle of GPTP Installation Tools

Russo trading Company RPM Ultimate GPTP Handling System


Market-Leading GPTP Handling System

The RPM Ultimate Kit stands as the elite choice for advanced GPTP installations, equipped to handle the most challenging porcelain tile projects with unmatched precision.

  • Fixed Rail Lengths (2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 7ft) for diverse project requirements.
  • High-Precision Accessories for perfect leveling and joint consistency.
  • Waterfall Edge Capability, ideal for creative countertops and furniture projects.

Upgrade Your GPTP Russo Trading Company RPM Setup

Enhance your GPTP toolkit with our upgrade kits. Upgrade from the Basic to either the Supreme or Ultimate kits with the Basic to Supreme Upgrade Kit or the Basic to Ultimate Upgrade Kit. You can also upgrade from the Supreme to the Ultimate kit with the Supreme to Ultimate Upgrade Kit.

Endorsed by Tile Nation: A Benchmark of Quality

Our Thin Panel Tools are proudly endorsed by Tile Nation, leaders in tile installation training. This endorsement reflects our commitment to innovative, high-quality solutions in porcelain tile installations.
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Grabo Suction Cup Integration for Effortless GPTP Handling

Grabo 6 Pack is required to use the RTC RPM Panel Handler

Each RPM kit is seamlessly compatible with the Grabo Suction Cup, a crucial tool for managing large porcelain panels, adding precision and ease to your GPTP installations (sold separately).

Why Choose for Your GPTP Installation Needs?

  • GPTP-Focused Product Range: Our selection is curated specifically for GPTP installations.
  • Endorsements from Industry Leaders like Tile Nation highlight our specialized tool and training focus.
  • Comprehensive Expert Support for all your GPTP installation inquiries and requirements.

Elevate Your GPTP Installation Skills with

Get Started: Select the RPM kit that best suits your GPTP project needs. Our easy purchasing process ensures you find the perfect toolkit effortlessly.

Expert Assistance Available: Need help choosing? Our dedicated team is ready to guide you in selecting the ideal tools and components for your specific GPTP challenges.

Join the professional community relying on for their GPTP installation needs. The Russo Trading Company RPM Thin Panel Handler Series equips you to excel in your craft, achieving the precision and aesthetic quality required for Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels.