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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

RPM Basic To RPM Supreme Upgrade Kit

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Maximize Your Tiling Efficiency: Upgrade to RPM Supreme Kit

Enhance your tile installation capabilities by upgrading from the RPM Basic Kit to the Supreme Kit, a transition that promises advanced customization, ergonomic efficiency, and professional-grade quality for diverse tiling projects.


  • Advanced Customization: Supreme Kit includes additional couplers for versatile setups.
  • Upgraded Ergonomic Handles: Improved design for comfort and reduced strain.
  • Stable Rubber Feet Integration: Offers secure support for wall and floor installations.
  • Robust and Durable Construction: Designed for rigorous professional use.
  • Ideal for Complex Installations: Simplifies the handling of challenging layouts.
  • Enhanced Ergonomic Efficiency: Minimizes physical effort, maximizing productivity.
  • Professional Grade Quality: Meets and exceeds the expectations of expert tile contractors.
  • Flexible and Versatile Usage: Adaptable to both wall and floor tiling scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Kit Components: Provides a complete solution for all tiling requirements.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Upgraded components for faster and more precise installations.
More Details

Upgrading from the RPM Basic Kit to the Supreme Kit marks a significant leap in tile installation technology and efficiency. The Supreme Kit, an advanced version of the Basic Kit, brings a new dimension of customization, ergonomics, and robustness to tile contractors' work. This kit includes additional couplers, allowing for a myriad of setup options tailored to various installation scenarios, from simple layouts to complex patterns. The ergonomic handles have been meticulously upgraded to ensure maximum comfort during prolonged use, effectively reducing physical strain and boosting overall productivity. An integral feature of the Supreme Kit is the integration of rubber feet, providing stable and secure support for both wall and floor installations. This stability is crucial for precise and safe tile placement, especially in challenging work environments. Constructed with high-grade materials, the Supreme Kit is robust and durable, built to endure the rigors of professional tiling jobs. It offers a comprehensive solution, equipped with all the necessary components to tackle a wide range of tiling projects, whether in residential spaces or commercial settings. The kit's versatility extends to its application on various surfaces, ensuring adaptability and flexibility. By choosing to upgrade to the RPM Supreme Kit, professionals are investing in a toolset that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. This upgrade transforms the RPM system from a basic toolset into a complete, advanced solution, enhancing the efficiency and quality of tile installations.

What's Included

Russo Trading Company is a manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality tiling tools. They are a renowned company in the tile and stone installation industry, widely recognized for its commitment to quality. They have built their reputation on providing the finest tools for tile and stone installation. This dedication is evident in their rigorous testing process, which ensures that each product receives the RTC "Shield of Approval" before being offered to their customers.

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