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Double Box Mixing Paddle 30"

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Russo Trading Company 30" Mud Beater Mixer - Achieve Consistent Mixing Results for Thinset, Mortar, Grout & Concrete.

The Russo Trading Company 30" Mud Beater Mixer is the go-to tool for achieving consistent and high-quality mixing results. Designed with an innovative eggbeater design, this mixer ensures even distribution and thorough blending of thinset, mortar, grout, and concrete. The unique design minimizes air entrapment, resulting in greater compression strength of mortars and superior mix consistency. With a long 30" hex shaft and 5" paddle diameter, this mixer handles large mixing tasks with ease. Engineered with a cheater beater mixer blade and welded all-steel construction, it offers durability and reliability for professional use. Compatible with a 1/2" variable speed drill, it provides flexibility and convenience. Experience the difference with the Russo Trading Company 30" Mud Beater Mixer and elevate your mixing game. Order now and achieve consistent and exceptional mixing results!


  • Eggbeater design for consistent mixing results
  • Suitable for mixing thinset, mortar, grout, and concrete
  • Unique design minimizes air entrapment for superior compression strength of mortars
  • Long 30" hex shaft and 5" paddle diameter for efficient mixing
  • Cheater Beater mixer blade for optimal performance
  • Welded all-steel construction, fully plated for durability
  • Fits a 1/2" variable speed drill for convenience


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