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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Double Bearing Blue Pulley for Gemini Revolution & XT Saw

SKU 1060-0003
by Gemini
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Gemini XT Revolution Saw: Essential Double Bearing Blue Pulley Replacement

Elevate the functionality of your Gemini XT Revolution Saw with the Double Bearing Blue Pulley. This replacement part is specifically designed to restore and enhance the performance of your Gemini saw. Ideal for professionals who demand precision and reliability, this durable pulley ensures smoother operations and extends the life of your saw.


  • Designed for Gemini XT Revolution Saw: Tailored to perfectly fit and function with your Gemini saw.
  • Double Bearing Feature: Ensures smoother, more efficient saw operation.
  • Direct Replacement Part: Easily replace worn or damaged pulleys.
  • Enhanced Saw Performance: Improves the cutting precision and longevity of your saw.
  • Durable Construction: Built to endure the demands of frequent use.
  • Easy Installation: Quickly and efficiently upgrade your saw.
  • Sold Individually: Convenient for replacing only what's needed.
More Details

The Double Bearing Blue Pulley is a crucial replacement part for the Gemini XT Revolution Saw, designed to bring your tool back to its optimal performance. This specific part is engineered to integrate seamlessly with the Gemini saw, ensuring flawless functionality and enhanced precision. The inclusion of double bearings in the design contributes to a smoother and more efficient operation, crucial for professionals who rely on their tools for precise and accurate cuts. By replacing a worn or damaged pulley with this high-quality part, you not only restore the saw's original capabilities but also potentially extend its life. The durable construction of the pulley guarantees it can withstand the rigors of regular use, making it a wise investment for maintaining the integrity of your Gemini XT Revolution Saw. Installation is straightforward and efficient, allowing for minimal downtime and immediate improvement in performance. Available for individual purchase, this replacement pulley offers the convenience of addressing specific repair needs without unnecessary extras. By choosing the Double Bearing Blue Pulley for your Gemini saw, you are selecting a product synonymous with reliability and quality, ensuring your equipment remains a trusted asset in your professional toolkit.


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