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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Fento Original Inlays

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FENTO ORIGINAL Inlays: The Secret to Superior Knee Protection

This breathable inlay was specially developed for the FENTO ORIGINAL knee protector and is the secret behind its advanced ergonomics. It ensures the correct distribution of pressure across the knee and lower leg, preventing knee and back complaints. Once the inlay of your FENTO ORIGINAL becomes worn after repeated use and no longer offers the right ergonomics, you need only replace this inlay rather than the entire knee protector. This makes the FENTO ORIGINAL much more sustainable and cost-effective.


  • Breathable Design: Ensures comfort during extended use by allowing air circulation.
  • Advanced Ergonomics: Provides optimal pressure distribution to prevent knee and back discomfort.
  • Replaceable Inlay: Offers an easy and sustainable solution for maintaining the ergonomics of your knee protector.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money by replacing the inlay instead of the whole knee protector.
  • Sustainable Choice: Reduces waste by extending the life of your FENTO ORIGINAL knee protector.
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The FENTO ORIGINAL inlays are a game-changer for anyone seeking sustainable and ergonomic knee protection. Specially developed for the FENTO ORIGINAL knee protector, these breathable inlays are the secret behind its superior ergonomics. By ensuring the correct distribution of pressure across the knee and lower leg, the FENTO ORIGINAL inlays help prevent knee and back discomfort, making them ideal for professionals who spend long hours on their knees. When the inlay becomes worn after repeated use, you can simply replace it rather than purchasing a whole new knee protector. This feature not only makes the FENTO ORIGINAL knee pads more cost-effective but also significantly more sustainable, reducing waste and promoting longer use of your knee protection gear. The advanced ergonomic design and breathable materials ensure maximum comfort and support, maintaining the high standards of FENTO ORIGINAL. Whether you're a contractor, tiler, or DIY enthusiast, investing in FENTO ORIGINAL inlays will enhance your knee protection, ensuring you stay comfortable and productive throughout your workday. By choosing FENTO ORIGINAL inlays, you are opting for a solution that combines durability, sustainability, and unparalleled ergonomic support, ensuring your knees and lower back are protected at all times.


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