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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Fento Original Knee Pads

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Transform Your Knee Comfort with Fento Original's Advanced Ergonomics

Dive into the world of superior knee protection with the Fento Original, the pinnacle of ergonomic design co-developed with medical specialists. Designed to alleviate knee and back discomfort through optimal pressure distribution, this best-selling knee protector not only conforms to your knee for enhanced comfort but also boasts exceptional durability and water-repellent properties, making it an essential addition for anyone seeking to merge comfort with lasting wearability.


  • Ergonomic Design: Features an Ergonomic Wedge for correct pressure distribution, preventing knee and back complaints.
  • Custom Fit: Adapts to the shape of your knee, offering increased comfort, flexibility, and support.
  • Exceptional Durability: Wear-resistant materials with replaceable straps and inlays for prolonged use.
  • Enhanced Stability: A broad, flat surface provides extra stability, optimizing your balance and ease of movement.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Weighing just 250 grams, it offers protection without the bulk.
  • Freedom of Movement: Compact design ensures greater mobility compared to the larger FENTO MAX.
  • Water Repellent: Ideal for use in various working conditions, keeping moisture at bay.
  • Sustainable Choice: Replaceable components make it an eco-friendly option, extending the product's lifespan.
More Details

The Fento Original knee pads set the standard for ergonomic knee protection, expertly crafted to meet the demands of professionals and individuals who prioritize joint health and comfort. By evenly distributing pressure, these knee pads alleviate stress on the knees and back, a benefit that’s enhanced by the pad’s ability to mold to your knee’s contour, providing personalized comfort that increases with use. The thoughtful design, incorporating a wide, stable base and lightweight, water-repellent materials, ensures that wearers experience superior support without sacrificing freedom of movement or comfort, regardless of the work environment.

Embodying a commitment to quality and ergonomic innovation, the Fento Original is more than just knee pads; it's an investment in your health and productivity. The design, characterized by its durable construction and the ability to replace worn-out parts, underscores a dedication to sustainability and value. Whether you’re navigating demanding work sites or engaging in activities that strain the knees, the Fento Original offers a blend of comfort, durability, and ergonomic support that’s unmatched, ensuring that you can work longer, perform better, and prevent the onset of knee and back issues.


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