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Save 10% on all New Products this month- Code July-24

Pearl Abrasive QuikAttach™ Grinder Dust Containment

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Pearl's VACCUT45 QuikAttach: The Ultimate Grinder Dust Solution

Transform your grinding experience with the Pearl VACCUT45 QuikAttach, an innovative vacuum attachment for angle grinders that ensures a clean and safe working environment. Its tool-free installation and compatibility with most vacuums make it a versatile and essential tool for any grinding task.


  • Hassle-Free Installation: Tool-free attachment in just seconds.
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with any standard vacuum.
  • Optimal Efficiency: Best used with vacuums rated at or above 11.5 amps (1.75 continuous hp) or 110 cfm.
  • Secure Hose Connection: 1-1/2" O.D outlet hose port for a firm fit.
  • Enhanced Safety: Significantly reduces dust, promoting a safer workspace.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy to use for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Cleaner Working Area: Minimizes dust spread during grinding operations.
  • Quality Construction: Durable build, ensuring long-term use.
More Details

The VACCUT45 Pearl QuikAttach is not just an accessory; it’s a necessity for any professional or DIY enthusiast engaged in angle grinding. This ingenious vacuum attachment is designed to make grinding operations not only cleaner but also safer. Its tool-free installation means you can attach it to your angle grinder in seconds, without the need for additional tools or complicated setups.

What sets the VACCUT45 apart is its universal compatibility with any vacuum. However, for peak performance, it is recommended to use it with a vacuum rated at or above 11.5 amps (1.75 continuous hp) or 110 cfm. This ensures that dust and debris are efficiently captured, significantly reducing the airborne particles that are common in grinding tasks. The 1-1/2" O.D outlet hose port is a thoughtful addition, providing a secure and stable connection to your vacuum, thus enhancing the overall dust extraction process.

The practicality of the Pearl VACCUT45 QuikAttach extends beyond its functional design. It also contributes to a cleaner and safer work environment by minimizing the spread of dust. This is particularly crucial in indoor settings or areas where maintaining a clean work area is essential. By integrating this attachment into your grinding setup, you're not just optimizing your work process; you're also prioritizing health and safety standards.

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