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Save 10% on all Leveling Systems in the month of May - Code May-24

Pearl Hexplates w/ Superclutch for 15 in. Hexplate

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Pearl Abrasive 15" Hexplate with SuperClutch: Revolutionizing Floor Prep

Elevate your floor preparation projects with Pearl Abrasive's Hexpin Floor Preparation System featuring the 15" Hexplate with Superclutch. This system not only boosts your efficiency but also ensures unparalleled safety and versatility in grinding, sanding, and coating removal.


  • SuperClutch™ Safety: Disengages upon hitting obstructions, protecting both the operator and equipment.
  • Self-Resetting Mechanism: Minimizes downtime, allowing for quick restarts.
  • Manual Torque Locks: Offer control over clutch engagement.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for concrete resurfacing, paint and coating removal.
  • Spring-Mounted Pins: Adapt to uneven surfaces for consistent results.
  • Dual-Functionality: Compatible with standard floor buffers and dual-headed diamond grinders.
  • Interchangeable Hexpins: Engineered for a range of floor preparation tasks.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Diamond pad attachments enhance the value of the system.

  • More Details

    The Pearl Abrasive Hexpin Floor Preparation System with the 15" Hexplate and SuperClutch is a groundbreaking tool in the world of floor preparation. It stands out for its SuperClutch™ feature that intelligently disengages when encountering an obstacle, like bolts, safeguarding the operator and the buffer from potential damage. This innovative feature is not just about protection; it's a productivity booster. The SuperClutch™ is self-resetting, which means less downtime and more efficient workflow.

    The system's versatility is unmatched. It's compatible with a wide range of interchangeable pins for grinding, sanding, and coating removal, making it a one-stop solution for various floor preparation tasks. The spring-mounted pins enable the system to adapt to uneven surfaces, ensuring consistent and high-quality results. Furthermore, the system is engineered to be used with both standard floor buffers and dual-headed diamond grinders, enhancing its utility. Whether you're dealing with concrete resurfacing, removing paint, or any other floor preparation task, the Pearl Abrasive Hexpin System has got you covered.

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