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Save 10% on all items on The RTC Family of Products - Promo Code April-24

Russo Trading Company Spin Doctor Tile Leveling Pro Kit

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Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System Pro Kit: Effortless Precision in Tiling

Introducing the Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System Pro Kit – the ultimate toolset for achieving perfectly even and lippage-free tile installation, especially designed for large format tiles.


  • Patented Free-Spin Design: Ensures easy tightening with minimal effort.
  • Ideal for Large Format Tiles: Prevents unevenness and lippage.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes 200 caps, 500 bases, 100 Clear View Shields, and a carrying case.
  • Reusable Caps: Designed for multiple jobs, offering cost efficiency.
  • Simplified Installation: No additional tools required for installation.
  • Easy Removal: Post-installation removal is effortless with a simple kick.
More Details

The Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System Pro Kit is a groundbreaking solution for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking perfection in their tile installation projects. This kit is specifically tailored to tackle the challenges of large format tile installation, ensuring every tile is perfectly aligned and level. The innovative free-spin design of the system allows the cap to smoothly spin down the spacer screw, simplifying the leveling process so that it can be done single-handedly with minimal effort. This feature not only speeds up the installation process but also reduces physical strain. The Pro Kit comes complete with 200 caps, 500 bases, and 100 Clear View Shields, along with a convenient carrying case, making it a comprehensive package for all your tile leveling, spacing, and alignment needs without the necessity of any additional installation tools. The caps are thoughtfully designed to be reusable, providing long-term value and reducing waste over multiple jobs. Additionally, the ease of removal is another standout feature of the Spin Doctor system. After the adhesive sets, removing the leveling system is as simple as kicking it away, leaving behind a flawlessly level tile surface. Whether you are a professional tiler or a homeowner embarking on a tiling project, the Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System Pro Kit is your go-to solution for achieving a professional, even, and lippage-free tile installation every time.

What's Included

  • 200 Spin Doctor Caps
  • 500 1/32" Bases
  • 100 Clear View Shields
  • Carrying case
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    • Can I reuse the caps for multiple projects?

      Yes, the caps of the Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System are designed to be reusable, providing cost savings for future jobs.