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IMER Mighty Small 50 Pumping / Spraying Machine

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by Imer
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Small 50 Multipurpose Pumping, Spraying Machines

This pump is a small portable 110v electric rotor / stator pump that has the flexibility and range to do many different jobs. Add-ons for the custom Small 50 makes it versatile and can do 5 different types of work in 5 days. For any contractor that ability makes the Small 50 and indispensable tool for your business.

Can be used with all types of finish coatings. Quickly and easily apply materials such as plasters, mortars, stucco (cement and synthetic based) fire proofing, sound proofing and paint. Pump grout to fill blocks, metal door bucks, self leveling materials, epoxy, almost any material with aggregate no bigger than 1/4"

Operator controlled with the 5 volt remote start/stop or, when used with the optional diaphragm compressor, can be controlled; with the open and closing of the valve at the gun. The motor RPM is controlled by ;rheostat which means that you have total control of the flow to match with the material being applied. A control panel which can detect the wrong voltage and shut down as a safety. The unit will sense a jamb and cut the power to the pump. Thermal overloads are in place on the 100% duty cycle motor. This means that the motor can run all day, every day. The control panel will sense an overload before the thermal protection on the motor. This is just the level of how safe, secure and sophisticated this machine is.





  • Variable flow rate from 1.7 to 30 cubic feet per hour
  • Up to 70 different flow speed settings
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Versatile D8 1.5 ECO rotor/stator
  • Quiet at only 74 dba
  • Pumps up to 80 feet away with 1" hose
  • Inverter driven control panel allows for variations in voltage from 85 to 110v.
  • Low loading height at 25.5 inches.

    Mighty Small 50 Rotor/Stator Pump
    Electric motor 1.75 hp  110v / 60 Hz
    Rotor /Stator D8 1.5 ECO
    Material flow rate (up to 70 speed settings) 1.7 - 30 cubic feet per hour
    Max aggregate size 1/4"
    Maximum pumping distance w/ 19mm (3/4") hose 50 feet
    Maximum pumping distance w/ 25mm (1") hose 80 feet
    Hopper capacity 1.75 cubic feet
    Loading height 25.5"
    Dimensions L x W x H 44" x 20.5" x 25.5"
    Weight 152 lbs

    Note: Must have a commercial address with a loading dock or forklift available for shipping.  If that is not an option, please contact us to arrange a pickup at a nearby facility.


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