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Save 10% on all Tile Cutters this month- Code June-24

Sigma Replacement Rubber Base Foot - 106731

SKU 106731
by Sigma
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$9.95 - $9.95
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Sigma 106731 Rubber Base Feet: Stability for Every Cut

Sigma's 106731 rubber base feet are more than just replacement parts. Made by Sigma Italy, they promise unmatched quality and compatibility with various Sigma tile cutters. Whether you're a seasoned tile contractor or embarking on a DIY home project, these rubber feet ensure your tile cutter's efficiency and durability.


  • OEM Excellence: Manufactured by Sigma Italy for unmatched quality.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Fits Sigma 2G, 3L, 7F, and more.
  • Enhanced Stability: Ensures steadiness and precision during tile cutting.
  • Simple Installation: Engineered for easy replacement, no tools required.
  • Durability Guaranteed: Built to withstand rigorous use over time.
  • Improved Cutter Performance: Minimizes movement for cleaner cuts.
  • Reliable Quality: Trusted by professionals for its robust construction.
  • Universal Fit: Suitable for a variety of Sigma tile cutter models.

Compatible Sigma Tile Cutter Models for 106731 Rubber Base Feet

Compatible Models:
  • Sigma 2G
  • Sigma 3L
  • Sigma 7F

By ensuring compatibility with such a diverse range of models, Sigma showcases its commitment to providing versatile and high-quality replacement parts for tile contractors and home remodelers.

More Details

Sigma's 106731 rubber base feet are more than just a spare part; they are a testament to Sigma Italy's commitment to quality and performance. Specifically designed for a wide range of Sigma tile cutter models, including Sigma 2G, 3L, and 7F, these rubber feet are crucial for ensuring the cutter's stability during operation. The superior quality material provides a firm grip, reducing movement and vibrations, which is essential for achieving precise, clean cuts. Their easy installation means you can quickly enhance your cutter's functionality, making these feet ideal for both seasoned tile contractors and DIY enthusiasts. By choosing Sigma's 106731 rubber base feet, you're investing in the longevity and efficiency of your tile cutter, ensuring reliable performance in every project.

What's Included

Sigma is a leading tile tool manufacturer, rooted in Italy’s renowned craftsmanship tradition. Specializing in high-quality tile cutters, tiling tools, and accessories, Sigma Italy equips professionals with cutting-edge products designed for precision and ease of use. Committed to innovation and quality, Sigma tools are essential for achieving flawless installations and beautiful finishes in any tiling project.

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